Amy Chapman is a former Matilda and has played the last 10 years in the W-League. Most recently, during the the off-season, Chapman played in the WNPL in Queensland for Souths United. Having scored 34 goals in 23 games, Chapman, now 31, clearly thrives on juggling on and off field careers. Her current focus has been on work outside of football, and she carved out a career as the Territory Manager at Stryker – a healthcare and medical technology provider.  Chapman is also staying connected to the game through her role as a board member with Football Queensland. Chapman received the Kimon Taliadoros Scholarship in July to help support her development on and off the pitch. We caught up with Amy to discuss her transition on the back of her award…

What does it mean to be awarded the Kimon Taliadoros Scholarship? 

AC: This is a fantastic opportunity for me to further develop my leadership skills, I feel honoured to be recognised and look forward to having further involvement in the game in Australia.

What will the Scholarship allow you to do, personally and professionally? 

AC: Specifically I am planning on using this scholarship to enhance my leadership and business acumen in the hope of utilising these skills to grow the game. I have a few projects I am passionate about in motion at the moment with Football Queensland and the PFA. These projects are focused on providing a sustainable framework to grow the game both locally and nationally, ensuring players can stay in the game as long as possible and, equally as important, supporting the players as they transition to life after football. I am proud that Stryker, my employer outside football and Australia’s #1 place to work in 2017, were the first corporate partners of the PFA. It is essential that we empower players before they finish their professional career and support them by providing them with knowledge, education and opportunities. Erin Clout and the PFA team are doing wonderful things in this space!

You were awarded for your involvement on the Football Queensland advisory committee, can you tell us a bit more about this role and your involvement?

AC: Football Queensland recently formed the Advisory committee as a subsidiary of the FQ board. My role in this is to help provide vision and a framework for the game in Queensland, with a particular focus on women’s football.

You were also a PFA delegate at the Roar – what role did you play within the PFA?

AC: As I delegate my role was to be the link between the players, the club and the PFA. This is essential in ensuring the player’s voices are being heard and they have the support network to help them become the best footballers they can be.

You also played a role in the W-League CBA – can you expand on your involvement?

AC: The W-League CBA was a significant step in the right direction for the W-League, and Kate Gill and John Didulica were integral in the process and ensuring the players’ voice was being represented. My role was to be a “players voice”  at the table during this process, alongside Kim Carroll. We have both been a part of the W-League since its inception and have a vested interest in seeing the sustainable growth of the game.