Throughout the organisation’s history, the PFA have not only supported our players and helped to build the game in Australia, but also harnessed the responsibility as an organisation to make our community – and the world – a better place.

Through the broader player movement, the PFA has used the power of football as a force for positive social change. Our ambition is to continue to be a leader on social causes and issues that are inherent to the wellbeing of the community and be a proactive and influential member of our collectives.

Our Greener Pitch

Throughout the PFA’s history, we have always explored ways in which we can not only support and represent our players and build the game in Australia, but also harness the responsibility as an organisation to make our community – and the world – a better place.

Given the increasing individual and collective responsibility we have as global citizens to ensure our environment and our Earth is protected, the PFA launched ‘Our Geener Pitch’ in April 2021.

‘Our Greener Pitch’ aims to encourage players, clubs and the football community to take individual and collective action to mitigate the effects of climate change. The cornerstone of the policy is a commitment to reducing and offsetting the organisation’s carbon emissions.

Our Greener Pitch Initiatives

“Through Our Greener Pitch, the players are demonstrating that even taking small steps can make a big impact.”

Jackson Irvine

PFA President

Community Medal

The Beyond Bank PFA Community Medal, first introduced in 2017, recognises the outstanding contribution PFA members are making within their communities and reflects the PFA’s commitment to ensuring football creates positive social impact.

The winner of the medal receives $2,500 to go to their nominated charity, courtesy of Beyond Bank.