The development of players is central to the PFA. Throughout a professional players’ football journey, the PFA supports players’ wellbeing and career while helping to prepare you for the universal experience of all players – retirement.

The program’s three pillars are:




Player Development Managers

The program is managed by Player Development Managers (PDMs) with the Socceroos, Matildas and each A-League Men and A-League Women team having a dedicated resource in place to assist players in all aspects of their lives.

PFA Player Development Managers provide critical support for players and help deliver the Player Development Program directly to players.

PDP Online

The Player Development Program Online is a learning platform designed to help our members’ engage with the Player Development Program (PDP).

Through the PDP Online we deliver evidence-based programs and services to ensure that players have access to the best education, information and practical skill building throughout their journey as a professional footballer.