The PFA’s career programs aim to give players a better understanding of the football industry as a whole, access to specialised career counselling and partnerships with educational services and institutions who are sensitive to an athlete’s unique circumstances.

To encourage players to engage in holistic development on and off the pitch, the PFA offers players the following services and programs:

Education Grants

The PFA recognises the importance of education and supports players’ endeavours in this area by providing financial assistance via PFA Education Grants. Players can apply annually by outlining how the study relates to their career plan.

To apply for an education grant contact your Player Development Manager.

“I’ve found studying such a rewarding outlet; it’s helped me build my knowledge of the sports industry, helped develop my learning and broaden my horizons. Hopefully it sets me up well for life after football, which is something as professional players we always have to look towards.”

Jason Hoffman

A-League Men Player


The PFA player development scholarships were established with the aim of recognising and supporting the efforts of PFA Members off the pitch. There are three scholarships awarded annually:

  • Craig Foster Media Scholarship

    Awarded to an Australian footballer with the ambition to forge a career in the football media on completion of their playing career. The scholarship is named after PFA Champion Craig Foster in honour of his contribution to the game in this country.

  • Kimon Taliadoros Scholarship

    The PFA Kimon Taliadoros Scholarships are awarded each year to players who demonstrate excellence in their development off the field, such as through education, business or community involvement.

  • PFA Coaching Scholarship

    Aimed at ensuring PFA members have access to world class development opportunities, the PFA Football Scholarship is awarded to a PFA Member that has demonstrated a profound commitment in pursuit of coaching excellence.