Hi everyone,

My name is Mindy Barbieri, I’m 19 years old and I’m a female soccer player.

I’ve had the privilege of playing W-League for Melbourne Victory and representing my country. I’m so lucky to play the game I love.

I wanted to present my side of the story in regards to public commentary on my injury. 

I thought everyone should be able to hear from me. I want everyone to have the knowledge of my side of the story.

Unfortunately, on Tuesday the 23rd of July I ruptured my ACL in a game with the Future Matildas.

For any athlete, finding out you have ruptured your ACL is devastating.

However, the response has been overwhelming. The actions of the football community have been amazing and everyone has been so supportive.

In my understanding of the situation,  my ACL operation wasn’t fully covered as I was unable to continue paying for my health fund due to financial reasons.

I needed another way to raise an amount to cover my operation.

I thought a resource like Go Fund Me was a great idea, although this obviously received mixed reactions throughout the public, which I understand at the end of the day everyone has a say and an opinion which I respect, but I wanted to thank the people that got behind this.

The football community is so special; to see so many players, fans, media personalities get behind made me feel so special. 

The good news is that the PFA are working with me to make my rehab more controlled and FFA have tweeted that they will help me by covering the cost. 

I want to thank everyone for the donations and getting behind this situation, I really from the bottom of my heart appreciate the support from each and every one of you.

I will be returning the donations back to everyone, given FFA have tweeted they are covering the cost, and once my financial approach is confirmed for surgery and rehab costs.

I once again send you all so much gratitude and love towards you all!

Please in respect of my personal situation, I ask that there isn’t discussion about why and how but discussion on how we can move forward.

Also, a special shout out to two people in Gulcan Koca and Melissa Barbieri.

The kindest and humble regards, 

Mindy Barbieri