Professional football is a risky career. Insurance against injury is therefore essential for every player. Unlike other workers in Australia, A-League players are not entitled to workers compensation when they suffer injury at work.

This means it is critical that comprehensive insurance is in place for A-League players, which covers their income in the event of injury and income that would have been received in the event that their career is ended as a consequence of injury.

Insurance – Playing contract:

  • A-league players to be insured for annual salary, superannuation and match payments for 104 weeks from date of injury even if contract expires or is terminated
  • Players over 35 are insured for annual salary, superannuation & match payments for 52 weeks from the date of injury
  • Injured players must be paid in full (inc match payments) when under contract
  • Insurance cover capped at $350,000 p.a.
  • Reasonable medical expenses continue inc after contract has ended
  • Policy terms to be what is reasonably available in the market at reasonable commercial rates at the relevant time

N.B. Illness and mental health are not covered in the current policy.

Insurance – Career ending:

  1. a) $500,000 maximum any one League Player.
  2. b) The maximum benefit will be calculated as follows:
  3.               Age Band                        Capital Benefit Limit
    Up to 21                           10 times Annual Salary
    21 to 23                            8 times Annual Salary
    24 to 25                            6 times Annual Salary
    26 to 27                            4 times Annual Salary
    28 to 29                           2 times Annual Salary
    30 plus                             1 times Annual Salary

  4. c) The Aggregate Limit of Liability is $5,000,000