Established in 2005, and now in its 8th edition, the PFA Injury Reports are a fundamental tool in the PFA’s efforts to ensure the health and safety of it’s A-League  and W-League members through the constant monitoring of the occurrence of injuries amongst players.

The information contained within this report strives to describe the latest trend of injury occurrence in the A-League and W-League and to identify potential injury patterns.

The information is used for discussions with all football stakeholders
in Australia about the necessary measures and regulations related to the health and safety of players.

The effectiveness of doing so is highlighted by the role it has played in helping to form the foundations for the implementation in 2011 of mandatory ‘Minimum Medial Standards’ in the A-League as part of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the PFA and Football Federation Australia (FFA).

In order to prevent the occurrence of injuries, the PFA acknowledges the importance of, among others, a healthy and safe working in a training and competition environment as well as an optimal competition schedule that avoids game congestion and overload.

The PFA endorses that increased investment and research in this area will see long-term benefits for the A-League and its growth.

Not only from cost savings but additionally through the associated advantages of clubs being able to field their best teams and players more frequently.

This would ensure that the standard of football in the A-League is optimised and continues to attract and convert the abundance of football fans in Australia into A-League fans.