• PFA members can support the people of Afghanistan – including the players of the Afghanistan Women’s National Team – through FIFPRO’s fundraising initiative, #TogetherUnbreakable
  • Members can also lobby the Australian Government by pledging support for the #ActionForAfghanistan campaign

It’s now been over a month since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

Since then, many people have escaped – including members of the Afghanistan Women’s National Team, who were assisted by a coalition of advocates and football representatives, including FIFPRO. Those who have resettled – many in Australia – need help to adapt and adjust in new environments. 

Vulnerable individuals and groups remain in Afghanistan, wishing to flee the dangerous new political environment under the rule of the Taliban.

For many of our members, it may be difficult to difficult to decide how to best support the people of Afghanistan, if you wish to.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can help as a member of the PFA. 

This article will outline what the PFA is currently doing to support two key causes relating to the crisis in Afghanistan and how you can get involved.

FIFPRO – #TogetherUnbreakable Campaign

Professional footballers across the world have joined a FIFPRO fundraising campaign to support more than 75 women footballers evacuated from Afghanistan. There has been an incredible outpouring of support for the women and girl football players from Afghanistan from the international football community. 

In August, FIFPRO pulled together with human rights advocates including PFA Life Member Craig Foster, to help evacuate players at risk from Afghanistan.

The players will face huge challenges as they rebuild their lives. FIFPRO are raising funds to assist with their basic needs, or assistance with housing, relocation, and their psycho-social needs. Many of the players have arrived in Australia.

You can donate directly to FIFPRO’s #TogetherUnbreakable campaign via togetherunbreakable.com.au.

If you wish to share this campaign on social media, please request assets – including the #TogetherUnbreakable video below – via email to info@pfa.net.au.



Several footballers, including PFA President Alex Wilkinson and Executive Committee member Lydia Williams, joined other prominent Australians in calling for more action from the Australian Government to support at-risk groups in Afghanistan.

Several non-government organisations, such as the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, have led a week of action, through the #ActionForAfghanistan social media campaign. 


PFA Members can help support this campaign by sharing the ASRC and PFA’s messages on social media and by signing the ASRC’s petition by clicking here. The petition has 26,000 signatures, with the aim to reach 30,000.

The ASRC’s main requests are as follows: 

  • Ensuring that the Australian government urgently commits to an additional humanitarian intake of at least 20,000 places prioritising the most vulnerable persecuted people. 
  • Granting pathways to permanent protection to refugees from Afghanistan living in Australia, held in immigration detention and people from Afghanistan who currently reside in Australia and fear returning to a Taliban ruled Afghanistan.
  • Prioritising the family reunification visas of people from Afghanistan in Australia, including those who are prevented from reuniting with their families 
  • Lifting the ban on resettlement of refugees to Australia through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Indonesia, a ban which has been in place since 2014.

If you have any other ideas on how you would like to support the people of Afghanistan, please contact the PFA through your Player Development Manager.