At the recent annual FIFPro congress Gerardo Movilla has been installed as the new President of FIFPro. The President of the Spanish players’ association AFE is the successor to Frenchman Philippe Piat.

The PFA would like to congratulate Gerardo on his appointment and look forward to the continued success of FIFPro globally in the coming years.

During the 2005 FIFPro Congress it was decided that Gerardo Movilla and Philippe Piat would split the presidential mandate during the 2005-2009 period.

During the two year presidency of Philippe Piat, FIFPro signed two important Memoranda of Understanding with both FIFA and UEFA. Piat was named honorary President at the Barcelona Congress. He will continue his work for FIFPro as President of the FIFPro Division Europe.
The new President Gerardo Movilla commended the work of his predecessor and expressed his hope to continue the work in an atmosphere of trust and cooperation, both within FIFPro and in relation to other major organizations in the football world.

The PFA would also like to congratulate English PFA Deputy Chief Executive Mick McGuire on his appointment as the new FIFPro Vice-President as well as the President of the Slovenian players’ union (SPINS), DejanStefanovic, for his appointment onto the European FIFPro board.