Melbourne City and Preston Lions’ Emma Checker recently joined the PFA after graduating from her university degree.

The 27-year-old A-League Women’s player and capped Matilda shared insights into her seven year journey of university study which led to an internship with the players’ union and full-time work at the organisation this year.

Throughout her studies, Checker found balancing her education with professional football initially challenging, before it became a healthy way to focus on a pursuit outside of football.

“I recently completed a bachelor of business, majoring in public relations and I think the balance [with football] was something that took time to come to.

“I started my degree seven years ago and it was pretty slow going initially, but after three to four years, I found my groove and I realised the best way was for me was to embrace the balance.

“It became a healthy balance, because it helped me with something off-field to focus on.

“In the end I made sure I had one unit each trimester and that was the consistent balance that I did find. In the end I was able to do really well with it.”

Watch the interview with Emma Checker below.