Having sustained a season ending knee injury during last season, Canberra United’s Emma Checker discusses the importance of all W-League players knowing their rights under the Insurance Policy, and how the PFA has helped her to navigate it.

It is the injury that all players dread – an ACL rupture, and for Checker it was with the W-League finals fast approaching.

Unaware of the W-League Insurance Policy, and her rights under it, the Matilda was unsure of the way forward.

“I felt unaware of how to go about it. I did not know where to begin,” said Checker.  “The club were really good but being back in Melbourne to do my rehab that became harder, so the PFA started helping me and that is when things started to progress.”

Under the terms of the W-League Insurance Policy players are insured for income protection and medical expenses and Checker said it was a huge relief when the PFA informed her of this and started the process of submitting her claim.

“Simon Colosimo [PFA Player Relations Manager] and Kate Gill  [PFA Player Relations Executive] were great in explaining everything to me, and have made sure I know what was going on and have kept me updated on everything.

“I don’t think many players know that the cover exists. If I had to cover all these expenses myself I don’t know how I would have done it.”

Gill said it was vital that all players were aware of their rights under the W-League Insurance Policy.

“It has become clear that many players did not know that the policy was there, so we have undertaken a process of advising them of this and have worked with the clubs to ensure players have received all their entitlements.

“Football is a short term and precarious career and it is vital that we enhance the current support services for W-League players to ensure we can attract and retain the best players.”

Key points of the  W-League insurance policy:

>> No player should be out of pocket for medical expenses.

>> If you sustain a long term injury you are entitled to income protection or Student tutorial costs; and

>> The coverage on this policy is until you return to playing or deemed fit and healthy, regardless if the W-League season has ended.

Note: You should all ask your club for a copy of the policy.

For more information on the W-League Insurance Policy please contact Kathryn Gill via kathryn@pfa.net.au