Compeat Nutrition will enhance the wellbeing of Australian footballers by extending its world-leading performance nutrition resources to Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) members.

The agreement will see Compeat, a trusted partner in performance for some of the world’s top athletes and sports teams, deliver its athlete management system and player wellbeing platform to over 650 professional footballers based in Australia and overseas, via the PFA’s Player Development Program.

Through the partnership, PFA members will have 24/7 access to free accredited performance dietitian support, in addition to resources designed to help athletes develop positive behaviours with food and nutrition.

Using Compeat’s ‘Player Profiles’, which combine performance dietetics and behavioural science to produce a holistic picture of athlete performance, potential, resilience, and risk, PFA members can improve their dietary intake, athletic results, or seek individual dietary support.

Co-founder and Director of Performance Services at Compeat Nutrition, Alicia Edge, said:

“Research shows that elite athletes are inundated with more than 5,000 messages per day from brands, fans, ‘experts’ and influencers providing unsolicited, and often unfounded advice on their performance, appearance, and goals.

“In the high stakes, high-pressure environment of elite sport it can be difficult to create a safe space and forum to address and navigate these challenges. Left unchecked we know they lead to lasting mental health issues, negative behaviours with food and poor player performance. 

“We are here to reshape that interaction and empower all parties involved in the conversation to achieve better collaborative outcomes. 

“Working with member-focused organisations like the PFA, we’re excited about the scale we can achieve in supporting professional players to contextualise and navigate these influences for better mental health, performance and well-being outcomes.”

PFA Player Development Program Manager Rita Mankowska said:

“We’re really proud of this partnership with Compeat, and we’re excited to see the impact it will have in addressing important challenges for many of our members.

“Unfortunately, social and environmental influences related to body image and weight can compromise athletes’ performance, wellbeing, and mental health, and a new approach to athlete support and management is required. 

“Compeat understands players as individuals and their services can be accessed confidentially – and our members can be confident they are receiving quality, accredited advice when and where they need it. 

“We’re delighted to offer this solution to our members and integrate the Compeat team as part of our mental health and wellbeing network.”

About the PFA’s Player Development Program

Established by the PFA in 2013, the mission of the PFA Player Development Program is to develop, support and empower outstanding people.

Taking a holistic and individual approach, the program is committed to ensuring that PFA members can achieve excellence in all aspects of their lives and have the necessary support to assist in times of need.

The program revolves around three pillars: wellbeing, education and transition and change. The wellbeing pillar incorporates a national wellbeing network.

About Compeat Nutrition 

Compeat Nutrition is the trusted voice in performance nutrition for the world’s top teams, athletes, and the general population. A world-leading digital health platform, it combines behavioural science with performance dietetics to deliver a new level of human insights on food-related health, performance, and wellbeing – empowering people toward a healthier & higher performing world, while supporting the performance environment with new insights to enhance the culture & impact of performance programs. More information, visit: