Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) President Simon Colosimo has joined with numerous footballing organisations and people in expressing sadness and regret in relation to the news of the death of the Manager of Wales, Gary Speed

Gary Speed was found dead at his home on Sunday.

Colosimo said, “The news has been a great shock to the footballing community. It is a terrible tragedy for his family and those who have been associated with him, his clubs and his country.

“The football community has come together at this time to emphasise the importance of assisting players and former players with mental health issues.

“Footballers experience the same pressures as anyone in the community.Sometimes players, as with any other person in society, have to face these pressures, including with the help of others. There is no shame in a footballer or indeed any person in society, seeking or needing assistance to address issues which impact on their mental health.”

Daniel Kowalski, the PFA’s Player Development Executive plays a key role of ensuring player welfare. Kowalski said “The PFA and the FFA have worked together to ensure that completely confidential support is available to PFA members. Any player seeking support for any matter of concern is entitled to utilise the services provided through the PFA and the FFA. Glen Warry, FFA National Consultant of the FFA/PFA My Football Career program, and I, work closely to ensure that the most appropriate services are made available to players.

“I would encourage any player with concerns to contact me directly.”

PFA members who have any concerns about any matters should feel free to contact Daniel Kowalski in confidence or speak to any representative of the PFA, including a member of the PFA Executive, their Club Delegate or a member of the PFA management team.