The European Commission has selected a consortium composed by the CDES (the Centre for the Law and Economics of Sport) and KEA European Affairs, a Brussels based consultancy, to conduct a study on the economic and legal aspects of transfers of players.

The study, which comes at a time that marks the 10th anniversary of FIFPro endorsing the transfer system under FIFA and the European joint initiative, invites the feedback of those that work closest to and within the transfer system, including agents but most importantly that of past and present players globally who have been subject to the transfer regulations throughout their careers.

The study’s key objectives are to:

  • map the rules governing the transfer system at national, EU and international level;
  • analyse the transfer system on the economic point of view and to estimate the value of the transfer market in Europe and his impact on sport;
  • highlight the failures of the system and any “under the table” economy;
  • assess the efficiency of the system; and
  • make policy recommendation on EU action.

The PFA has distributed the European Commission’s survey to its members and encourages all current and former players to take this opportunity to participate and ensure that their feedback has a strong say in any future policy recommendations that may later directly influence their careers.

“The study represents an important opportunity to ensure the views of the players properly inform the review of the transfer system”, said Brendan Schwab, PFA Chief Executive and Chairman of FIFPro Asia.

“In 2012, it is also very important to ensure that the rights afforded to European players are also enjoyed by the professional footballers of Asia and Oceania”.