Player associations are critical for the continued growth of Asian football and the women’s game in the region.

This was the main conclusion drawn from FIFPro Asia’s Congress in Kuala Lumpur this week, which was attended by PFA Interim General Manager Shannon Beck, Player Relations Manager Simon Colosimo and Player Relations Executive Kathryn Gill.

Representing over 15,000 professional players in the region the three day congress saw a number of important resolutions reached, including:

>> the ratification of the appointment of Colosimo to the FIFPro Asia Board;

>> the ratification of the appointment of Gill to the FIFPro Asia Board, as one of two mandated female members;

>> renewed commitment to advancing the rights of the region’s female footballers; and

>> enhancing the considerable work already undertaken by FIFPro in tackling match fixing in the region.


With football superstar Aya Miyama in attendance, the congress saw a record number of female participants.

Having presented with Beck  on the PFA’s and FIFPro’s efforts to organise female footballers, Gill said the congress was a resounding success.

“What is clear is that the region faces a number of challenges, none more so than the governance of the game and addressing the many issues women’s football and its players face,” said Gill. “These can only be overcome through the formal involvement of players.

“The region’s female players continue to be denied the basic rights of all workers. This is simply unacceptable.

“Through the recent changes to the FIFPro Asia Board, which ensures that it must have at least two female members, the division is well placed to address this.”

PFA Chairman Craig Foster congratulated Colosimo and Gill on their appointments to the FIFPro Asia Board.

“The PFA has been instrumental in the development of FIFPro both in the region and on a global level,” said Foster. “The continued growth of FIFPro Asia is critical to ensuring the rights of our members abroad are protected and that the game in the region progresses.

“I am certain that both Simon and Kathryn will build on the outstanding work that has been undertaken, most notably by PFA Life Member and Co-founder Brendan Schwab.”