On 21 April 2009, FIFPro Asia, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF). The MOU was specifically designed to reinforce cooperation and dialogue between these international organisations, on the major issues facing professional football in the ASEAN region.
The MOU would also foster the development of professional domestic leagues in Southeast Asia with FIFPro’s Asian division providing its expertise on player-related matters, as well as combat doping and racism in the game.

Dato’ Seri Paul Mony Samuel, the Honorary Secretary of the AFF welcomed the agreement with FIFPro Asia. “The AFF is extremely happy to have an MOU with the Asian arm of FIFPro, the world governing body of professional footballers’ associations.”

The 3rd FIFPro Asia Congress also passed a series of important resolutions that safeguards the welfare and rights of Asia’s professional players including developing professionalism and the international competitiveness of Asian football, compliance with FIFA regulations and supporting the development of independent professional footballers’ associations in Malaysia, China and South Korea.

FIFPro Secretary General, Theo van Seggelen, stated, “The Congress was very successful especially as FIFPro has a lot of confidence in its Asian Division. It is important that all players from around the world are provided equal opportunities within the FIFA regulatory framework. Obviously a lot of work has to be done, but there is no reason why we cannot succeed and we will not rest until that objective is reached. New professional footballers’ associations have been established in India and Indonesia while China needs to recognize its players as stakeholders of the game. FIFPro will obtain the assistance of FIFA to help solve the problems discussed and have included setting up NDRC and complying with FIFA regulations and there is no reason for any country not to comply with this.”

Yongsoo Park, the Head of the Development and Strategy Team of the Korean FA, was impressed with the progress made by FIFPro Asia since the inaugural meeting in Sydney, Australia. He stated, “At the first meeting in 2007, there were only three members of the Division but now it has grown to be a dynamic member of the FIFPro family.”

The Chairman of FIFPro Asia, Brendan Schwab said, “The Congress is undoubtedly a success.  When we earnestly began the work of Division Asia, which also encompasses Oceania, in October 2007, we had representation in 3 of the 56 member nations of AFC & OFC. Our development in terms of setting up players’ associations and reaching agreements has now reached 25 of the 56 member nations and we are delighted with Indonesia, India and Malaysia with great possibilities of South Korea and China to join this division by 2010.”

The 3rd FIFPro Asia Congress was held in Kuala Lumpur from 20 to 21 April 2009.