The unexpected death of DaniJarque has made Spanish players worry about their health. Following the tragic decease of the Espanyol captain FIFPro demands a worldwide improvement of medical examinations.

Last Saturday 26-year old DaniJarque collapsed in his hotel room and died from a heart failure. Two years ago Sevilla’s Antonio Puerta collapsed on the field and passed away because of a cardiac arrest. In October 2008 Rubén de la Red also collapsed on the field. The Real Madrid and Spain midfielder survived, but he has not played a game since.

All these incidents have made players worry about their health, like Sevilla’s goalkeeper Andrés Palop. “We do tests and medicals but it isn’t possible to detect these cases. We hope they will specialise a little more to try and improve the detection so that it doesn’t happen again.” And Villarreal’s and Spain’s SantiCazorla: “It makes you think it could happen to anyone.”

FIFPro recognizes the worries of the Spanish players. “We want a worldwide and professional medical examination for all players”, reacts general secretary Theo van Seggelen. “All over the world players should have the same high quality medical by a recognized institute in order to limit the health risks of the players, especially the risk of heart failure. Worldwide we must professionalize and harmonize the standard of medicals.”

In the current situation the quality of medical tests is different in various countries. Not all clubs and associations have the same standards for a medical examination. That’s why FIFPro pleads for a standard high quality medical.