FIFPro, the World Footballers’ Association, hosts a three-day meeting of the UNI Sport Pro Steering Committee, which brings together leading player union representatives from a variety of professional sports.

Among the topics covered, the economics of football, in relation to FIFPro’s announced legal challenge to the transfer system, will receive detailed attention with key presentations to be made by FIFPro Vice President Brendan Schwab and FIFPro Chief Legal Counsel Wil van Megen.

The event at FIFPro House, in Hoofddorp, features a wide range of contributions from the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA, USA), National Football League Players’ Association (NFLPA, USA), as well as the international player union federations representing cricket (FICA) and rugby (IRPA).

Speakers include Don Fehr, Executive Director of the NHL Players’ Association (NHLPA), Jeffrey Kessler, prominent sports and competition lawyer in the United States, Ernie Conwell (NFLPA), Takuya Yamazaki (Japanese Baseball Players Association) and Rob Nichol (IRPA).

Participants will exchange best practice on how improve labour relations in diverse international markets through effective methods of collective bargaining. Discussions will also focus on the economic and labor market regulation models of different sport industries and their impact on player rights and financial sustainability

UNI Sport Pro, a sector of UNI Global Union, combines the voices of worldwide player unions around sport disciplines on matters of common concern including match-fixing, anti-doping, player development , career transition, collective bargaining and much more.