This Wednesday, January 10, 2007 in Paris, FIFPro officially announced its support of former French international and World Cup legend Michel Platini in his bid to become the UEFA president.

Several representatives from the international footballers union, led by their president, Philippe Piat, met with the former co-chairman of the 1998 World Cup organization committee.

Is it necessary to remind people that in 2001 and during his tenure as counsellor to the president, Sepp Blatter, the former French national team captain played a major part in the rapprochement between FIFA and FIFPro, which led in November 2006 to the signing of a historic agreement between the two worldwide organizations in Barcelona.

Ever since he has been a member on the FIFA and UEFA executive committee, Michel Platini has always responded favourably to the demands and requests of FIFPro and all European footballers know that he will do his utmost to defend their rights and to protect their interests.

Please note that an exclusive interview held between Michel Platini and FIFPro is broadcast on the sites of member unions of the international union of professional footballers

Participated in the meeting of January 10th, 2007

Michel Platini, candidate for UEFA presidency

Philippe Piat, president of FIFPro, UNFP co-president

Gerardo Movilla, vice-president of FIFPro, representative ofSpain

Leonardo Grosso, member of the board of FIFPro, representative of Italy

Tony Higgins, representative of Scotland

Theo van Seggelen, secretary-general of FIFPro, representative of the Netherlands

Sylvain Kastendeuch, UNFP co-president

Jean-Jacques Amorfini, UNFP vice-president