Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Craig Foster as Interim Chairman.

PFA President Matt McKay confirmed the appointment today of the PFA Life Member and Champion effective immediately.

Having had his appointment unanimously approved by the PFA Executive Committee, McKay said that Foster’s experience and expertise would be invaluable for the players.

“Craig’s contribution to the PFA and the game has been immense and we are delighted that he has agreed to take on the role,” said McKay.

“Craig has the trust and respect of all of our members and the broader Australian football community.

“As Chairman he will be tasked with ensuring the PFA is well placed to pursue the interests of the game and the players; two fundamental elements that are inextricably linked.”

Foster said he was pleased to answer the call of today’s players, having previously served on the PFA Executive Committee and as Interim Chief Executive.

“The players, through the PFA, have been a driving force of positive change and I congratulate the current generation for their contribution to a proud and longstanding legacy,” said the former Socceroo.

“Australia’s male and female players enjoy a broad range of rights and conditions that previous generations had planned and hoped for them; however, following from the successful resolution of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and prior to the forthcoming broadcast rights agreement, this is an ideal time to ensure that the PFA is best placed from a governance and management perspective for the next exciting period of growth in Australian football.”