It’s a challenging and uncertain time right now.

As footballers, like many people around the world, we are keeping our eye on the evolving issues related to coronavirus and how this unprecedented outbreak is impacting our industry and our livelihoods.

Given what is unfolding, the players this week have displayed incredible solidarity to ensure our game plays on in the face of uncertainty.

Every member should know that the PFA remains available to them whether they need contract advice, wellbeing support or help with any turmoil the current situation has created. Staff are working day and night to continue their services in this extreme time.

The decision to complete the W-League and A-League seasons shows that the players are committed to our game; they believe so strongly in the sport and want it to succeed during the toughest of times.

Players have had to make difficult decisions in the best interests of the game to keep the leagues going and forging ahead.   For players who have had to isolate or relocate and to play in behind closed doors, it has meant huge personal sacrifices.

At the same time, as a group we need assurances that the industry does not place unnecessary risk on the players who have chosen to play through – and on our families and the broader community.

Thankfully, the PFA has fought to have assurances and measures in place to make sure we’re safe for the next four to six weeks while the seasons are being completed. It is critical, for instance, that we have ensured that no player can be forced to train, travel or play or be penalised for choosing not to do so. 

While football is insignificant against the backdrop of a global pandemic, the players’ actions to keep the league alive – and to give fans something to look forward to – are admirable.

In the meantime, I urge everyone to do all they can to be safe, take precautions, follow official medical advice, come together as a community and show respect for one another as we face this common challenge.