Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) has called for the voice of the world’s players to be heard at FIFA to ensure that all stakeholders can hold the organisation to account following the election of new FIFA President Gianni Infantino.

Despite a number a reforms being approved by FIFA overnight in Zurich, PFA Interim Chairman Craig Foster said they were not sufficient to address the governance failings that have plagued the organisation.

“Alongside the fans, the professional players of the world are the game’s most important stakeholders and they remain unable to directly influence the reform process and ongoing management of the game,” said Foster.

“The reforms announced last night entrench power with the Member Federations and deny players a voice in the running of the game despite decisions made by FIFA deeply affecting the lives and careers of footballers globally. It is vital that FIFPro, as the representative body of the game’s main protagonists, plays a central role to avoid any repeat of the current scenario.

“Like in Australia, the world’s players understand that only a genuine partnership between all stakeholders can deliver the transparency, accountability and knowledge base to maximise the extraordinary potential of the beautiful game.

“Had this been the case at FIFA the current crisis would undoubtedly have been avoided.”