Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) has today called a General Meeting to explain the review process that is being undertaken to all members.

To be held on February 16, PFA President Matt McKay said the meeting was the result of listening to members but confirmed that the Executive had given a much broader mandate.

“The past year has been incredibly difficult for everyone involved,” said McKay. “We now have an historic ‘whole of game’ collective bargaining agreement that we are very proud of, but as players we are always looking for improvement and excellence in everything we do.

“Craig (Foster, Interim PFA Chairman) will look at the outcomes and assess where things could have been done better and the PFA will be strengthened by undertaking this process.

McKay also confirmed that all members would be afforded an equal opportunity to participate in the review.

“It is very important to us that players have their voices heard on every aspect of the PFA’s business.

“Everyone has now been given direct access to Craig to influence the player survey and express their opinions on a wide range of subjects affecting the organisation and game including, of course, the leadership. And that is what the PFA is all about.”

Socceroos Captain and PFA Executive Member Mile Jedinak echoed the comments of the PFA President.

“As the players’ representatives, we have taken the opportunity to look at every area of the business and we are confident that this will position the PFA for greater prosperity in future,” said Jedinak. “Craig has the trust of all the players to act in our best interests.”

Foster said it was a credit to today’s players that they were prepared to listen to each other, consider different points of view and take the concerns of their fellow players onboard.

“It has been so pleasing to find a passionate and highly engaged playing group,” said Foster. “Whether they are strongly in support or wish to voice concerns or make recommendations, everyone will be heard in the interests of the profession.

“I will present the review process and timeline to the members so that everyone is absolutely clear on the next steps to be taken.

“I thank the players, former players and public for their strong support of the PFA, demonstrating the high esteem in which the players are held.

‘This is a proud legacy, which we all wish to strengthen so that the players as a whole can continue to play an integral role in shaping the future of not just the profession, but the game.”