Being a professional footballer remains one of the few professions where you can (and will) be fined if you fail to comply with or breach a condition of your employment.

A-League players are reminded that they are bound by the FFA’s Code of Conduct that empowers clubs to discipline players for the following reasons:

  • unexplained absences from a match, training session or team meeting;
  • failure to wear designated clothing or wearing a conflicting sponsors brand to a team promotion or activity; or
  • behaviour that brings the club into disrepute (e.g. nightclub brawl)

The maximum fine that can be imposed is 50% of your most recent weekly wage and most recent match payment.

You do not have the right to receive a warning and the maximum can be imposed for any indiscretion. Obviously, the PFA is continuing to attempt to correct any unfairness in this process in its negotiations with the FFA for an A-League Collective Bargaining Agreement.