Dear Perth Glory family,

I’m trying to put in words how I’m feeling right now.

Perth Glory has been my family for the past six years. During that time, I have made incredible friends, achieved amazing moments, and created new memories and had many new experiences with my family.

Jorge Valdano, who was nicknamed “The Philosopher of Football” used to say that “football triggers emotions and that’s an extraordinary field for the writer”.

I would like to channel some of Valdano in my writing, by sharing my emotions and attempting to write some words in my second language, English!

Six years ago, fleeing from lack of enjoyment and motivation in my football career, my journey through football brought me to Perth. 

I had no expectations, no pressure and no aspirations, only the hope of rediscovering my enjoyment as a footballer.

What happened after was something that has prompted me to think… What makes a club?

For me, people make a club.

Personally, all of them have made this journey in Australia a truly enjoyable and personal one.

Every office worker at the club, the sports staff, medical team, trainers and especially the kit men, massage therapist, and physios always gave love and care to me and my family, asking nothing in return.

They simply made my life and my family’s life easier and fuller.  

To my coaches and coaching staff throughout the years as a Glory player, thank you for teaching me different ways to grow and improve. 

I’ll always remain a student of the game and because of that, and I’ll never forget that everything started with Kenny Lowe. Thank you, Kenny.

To the sports directors, CEOs and the owner of this Club, we did not always agree with everything, but what happens along the way makes us who we are. I’m thankful to everyone for giving me the chance to play in the A-League.

I don’t not hold any grudge with anyone, I have made peace with everything. 

My life as a Perth Glory player in the best sport on the planet ends here. 

I wish it did not end in this way or in these circumstances, but that is football sometimes.

Although, I’m not hanging up my boots yet. 

I promised myself the day that I’m going to step away for the game that I love, it would be on my own terms… so I will stick with it. The journey continues.

I’d love to say to the Glory fans that I thought together we would have another ‘crack’ at this League.

It’s beyond description how special you made me feel every time you have chanted my name, no matter the result. Every time I pulled on the Glory shirt, it gave me great pride and emotion to represent you and I can guarantee you that I was willing to get the deal done as I always do on and off the pitch.

I’m so grateful to the entire PFA. ‘You’ve got my back’ at the hardest times, giving me the right guidance.

I can’t thank enough each one of my teammates who have been part of this journey, I wouldn’t trade any of those great memories for anything and I’ll hold them tight. 

It was an honour and pleasure to be one of you.

I stand with my head high, carrying respect and principles as my purpose, and my children and my wife as my treasure. 

Playing football gave me those treasures and I only asked Perth to look after them for the last six years.  I thank the city for looking after me and my family.

To the Australian football community, the club and the fans, I hope you could enjoy even half of what you gave to me during this ride.

Love and all the best,

Diego Castro