Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) is pleased to announce that Matildas’ goalkeeper Lydia Williams has joined its Executive Committee.

The Matildas goalkeeper said that she would use the opportunity to continue to grow the women’s game in Australia.

Williams joins the committee following Kathryn Gill’s decision to step down from the role.

PFA Chief Executive Adam Vivian said Williams was instrumental in the recent CBA negotiations and the appointment of the Matildas keeper was a boost for the players’ association.

“There remains a great amount work to do if we are to develop the attractiveness of a career as a professional footballer,” said Vivian. “Lydia is the ideal candidate to take on this work.”

Williams said she was determined to build on the gains made recently in the women’s game.

“Throughout the CBA negotiations we were presented with a number of challenges and as players we showed what we can achieve through unity and solidarity,” said Williams.

“Young women need to know that the decision to play football is one that can support a decent quality of life. This is good for the game and good for the players.

“We need to grow the support that we received during the negotiations and work with all stakeholders so that we can have a career path that is the envy of our international rivals.

“Through my role on the PFA Executive Committee I’m determined to play my part in ensuring a bright future for the game and look forward to working alongside my fellow executive members to build on Kathryn’s work.”

Vivan also paid tribute to the outgoing Gill.

“I would like to acknowledge the enormous contribution Kathryn has made to the players,” Vivian said. “Throughout her time on the Executive she has been fearless in her willingness to take a stand on behalf of her peers and leaves the game in a much stronger position than when she found it.

“I have little doubt that Lydia will continue to build on Kathryn’s legacy. Lydia was integral during the CBA negotiations and was a real leader in advocating for the game and her peers.