Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) has ensured that all Matildas members are aware of their rights and responsibilities ahead of their gruelling Olympic qualifying tournament in Japan.

With the players currently in camp in Sydney ahead of their departure, PFA Player Relations Executive Kathryn Gill provided the players with a detailed presentation regarding the Matildas Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) on Thursday.

Attended by Interim PFA Chairman Craig Foster and PFA Player Development Executive Jy Bond, Gill said the meeting with the players once again highlighted the high levels of engagement amongst the group.

“The recently agreed CBA has significantly enhanced the career path of our elite female players,” said Gill. “Players are now afforded improved workplace conditions, greater support in transition and increased remuneration.

“To ensure players receive all these hard won benefits it is vital that they are aware of their rights and responsibilities.

“The CBA provides a platform for continued growth and it was pleasing to hear from the players that it has already had a positive impact on their lives.

“Throughout the meeting the players raised a number of matters for discussion and it was clear that they are determined to see the women’s game grow and that the W-League is a key component.

“The W-League is our pathway to the National Team and the quality and professionalism of the competition will have a major impact on our international competitiveness.”

Matildas defender Alanna Kennedy said the meeting was important with such a busy schedule coming up.

“It is extremely crucial that we know our rights and our entitlements as a PFA member,” said Kennedy. “This CBA has had a big impact on us all and we now have much greater support in areas such as life after football.

“We want to be catalysts for change in the W-League and we know we have a role to play in sharing our knowledge.”