Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) has today confirmed that a decision has been reached by the independent arbitrator regarding payments to Adelaide United players for their participation in friendly matches.

The ruling by the arbitrator sees the players receive a significantly higher rate of remuneration for their participation in the Liverpool and Villarreal matches than originally offered by the club.

PFA Chief Executive Adam Vivian said the determination was vindication for the position taken by the players.

“The decision highlights that the offer made by the club to the players for their participation in the matches was neither fair nor equitable,” said Vivian. “Additionally, it acknowledges an important principle that players, like all workers, should be paid accordingly for the services they provide.

“Before referring the matter to the independent arbitrator, the Adelaide United players attempted on numerous occasions to reach a pay agreement with the club, but were left frustrated by the club’s refusal to negotiate and a lack of transparency.

“The players sought a fair share of the commercial revenue generated through their participation in the two matches, contrary to the public comments made by Adelaide United.

“The inability of the club to engage in the fair treatment of its employees, without the intervention of an arbitrator, has been disappointing to the players who have continued to uphold the highest standards of professionalism throughout.

“This matter further highlights the importance of a collective bargaining agreement and independent grievance arbitration to safeguard player rights and entitlements.”