Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) has reminded the Central Coast Mariners to employ due process and refrain from continuing to deal with the allegations they have made against goalkeeper Liam Reddy via the media.

Speaking after the Mariners made further public comments about this matter, Vivian said Reddy was obviously concerned by the lack of the evidence forthcoming from the club in light of the serious nature of the allegations.

“The club’s handling of the matter has been disrespectful to Liam, who has always shown a strong commitment to the club,” said Vivian.

“If there are claims to be made, let’s see what they are based on. So far, Liam has not been provided with any evidence to support the allegations that have been leveled against him.

“If the Mariners present Liam with an evidentiary basis for their claims, the PFA’s lawyers will assess it and provide him with the appropriate support.

“Liam remains committed to the club and to fulfilling his contractual obligations.”