After sustaining what he initially thought was a minor injury last October, former Brisbane Roar goalkeeper Michael Theo didn’t know it would eventually curtail his career in the A-League.

As the symptoms of the injury became more acute and apparent, he saw out the rest of the season on the bench for the Roar – a costly process for the player and his club.

Worried about insurance cover at the time, Theo approached the PFA to inquire about his cover during the period he wasn’t playing.

“I had sustained an injury, an impact to my hand, and it wasn’t too bad [at the start] but it obviously has turned out to be very serious. Luckily for me, I made sure that every stone wasn’t left unturned in terms of getting the right advice, seeking the right medical advice as well and ensuring I am covered.”

Theo engaged PFA Player Relations Executive Simon Colosimo who assisted him with the process.

“Michael came in to see us because he was injured long-term and he didn’t know where his insurance was at,” Colosimo said. “After doing some research we found a claim wasn’t made, we went [online] and together with Brisbane Roar we made that claim.

“Player insurance is part of the standard playing contract through the Collective Bargaining Agreement… [it] ensures that when players are injured, they are not rushed coming back from injury and ensures that they are given every opportunity that when they are back, they’re ready to go and they can continue to fulfil their career.

Theo said it had given him and Brisbane peace of mind.

“It’s important not just from a player’s perspective but also a club’s because during the time I was out through injury, the club were reimbursed and covered for my wages, and moving forward as well I’ll be reimbursed as well until I am fit and playing again,” Theo said.

“So it’s very important you do the right things and keep a record of all of your documentation. In terms of sustaining an injury it’s super important that you know you have the support of the PFA and your club as well so make sure you do seek that advice, make sure you listen to the right people and if you’re in doubt, the PFA is just a phone call away.”

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