Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) today applauded all players at Newcastle Jets for the example they have set for Australian football in recent weeks.
“The players are proving that they are outstanding ambassadors for the game as negotiations continue behind closed doors to secure the future of A-League football in Newcastle,” PFA Chief Executive Brendan Schwab said today. “Despite great stress, the players have continued to promote the game, train hard and perform well on the field.  As true professionals, they are determined to play their part and ensure the Jets quickly overcome the current challenges.”

Schwab said that the PFA had received messages of support from Australian players around the world for both the players and football in Newcastle.

“The players are certainly not alone.  Not only do all A-League players fully support them, we have received messages from Australian players throughout the world asking for a briefing on the situation.  All believe Newcastle is a vital cog in the A-League, and that the players must be protected.  Many want to return to Australia and see the security of the A-League as one of its most attractive features,” Schwab added.

The PFA is working with Football Federation Australia and the Jets to ensure that Newcastle continues in the A-League and that all player contracts are fulfilled.