Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) believes all individuals have the right to be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of differing race, age, gender, sexuality, disability, religion, culture, or ethnicity.

The PFA has unfortunately received complaints from our members involving the alleged racial vilification of Paul Ifill from Wellington Phoenix by a fan.  There is, of course, no room for racial vilification or any prejudice within the A-League.

The PFA expects the entire football community to behave in a way that acknowledges differences in a positive way and not in a manner that excludes, humiliates or damages.

This behaviour is not only offensive to the target but also to the other players and supporters. The Australian football community has always displayed leadership in combating racism and the PFA implores all parties to speak out against racism in all its forms.

The PFA expects prompt and fair resolution to complaints alleging any violation of Football Federation Australia’s anti-discrimination policies.

Furthermore, football cannot be complacent about the fight against racism.  Sadly, recent events in world football show that the game’s key stakeholders must always be vigilant.  The PFA is in discussions with the players and FFA to ensure that football’s multicultural character is celebrated and backed by strong action against offenders.