Australian footballers playing overseas have made use of the PFA’s Online Currency Exchange partner, SportsFX Currency Solutions, which is helping provide support to those playing in other countries when it comes to navigating the intricacies of international transactions.

The PFA announced their strategic partnership with SportsFX in September 2023, which aimed to provide support for Australia’s professional footballers with the expertise and resources required to work through its many complexities to maximise earnings.

Many players have tapped into the resource after making the move to an overseas club in the past, including Matthew Jurman, Alex Chidiac, Scott McDonald and Stefan Mauk.

However, more have jumped onboard since the partnership came to fruition.

Connor Pain – who joined Saudi Arabian side Al-Orobah – spoke glowingly about the service, which he used after making the move from Western United last off-season.

“Chris (Broadfoot) and his SportsFX platform have made the issue of getting money home from playing overseas super seamless,” Pain told the PFA.

“For someone who is experiencing the intricacies of foreign exchange for the first time the support from Chris has been super helpful in navigating such challenges. He is really approachable and is always there for any help at anytime.

“The platform itself is really easy to use and the rates always beat the banks so I couldn’t recommend Chris and SportsFX highly enough.”

Meanwhile, Socceroos midfielder Cameron Devlin also tapped into SportsFX’s services after making the move to Scottish side Hearts.

“When I moved to Scotland, there were a lot of things that usually I didn’t have to worry about when I was in Australia,” Devlin told the PFA.

“Obviously it’s an English speaking country, so there was no issue with the language. But you have to organise new a place to stay, a car, new bank account, all those sorts of things that I had to get on top of.

“I hadn’t earned a wage in a foreign country before, and honestly I didn’t know much about the process: how much I would be taxed compared to Australia and how to convert and send money back home.

“I had a chat to a few people at the PFA and they put me in touch with Chris Broadfoot from SportsFX.

“He really just ran the process from there, which has helped me navigate all the challenges associated with foreign exchange and provided a really personable service.

“It gives you that peace of mind and I couldn’t be happier with my dealings with Chris.”

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