PFA Members Paul Reid and Kliment Taseski teamed up with PFA Player Relations & Development Executive Nathan Meade this weekend in delivering a fascinating insight into their lives as professional footballers to the new intake of young footballers at the Australian Institute of Sport.

Both Paul and Kliment used their own experiences in the game to enlighten the young players, who range from 14 to 16 years of age and include many that have already represented Australia, to the importance of the PFA and the ways in which the organisation can help them plan their careers and ensure that they make good choices both on and off the field as they continue their development.
Paul, 32, who has played for Adelaide United, Brighton & Hove Albion and Bradford City to name a few, has recently returned from Iran following an approach from a club that unfortunately did not quite meet his expectations.

“I knew that the footballing environment would be different in a country such as Iran, however I was confronted with issues that no footballer should have to deal with and ultimately made the decision to leave before signing”.
Paul’s overseas experiences were an eye-opener for the players, who were accompanied by their families from all over Australia as part of the AIS Induction programme weekend.  The day concluded on Saturday afternoon with the AIS hosting Melbourne Heart in the National Youth League.
Melbourne Heart’s Kliment Taseski, 20, who is currently on crutches recovering from a fractured foot, was there to greet his teammates and Youth Team coach John Aloisi following his address to the AIS players earlier that day on the importance of education, and how the PFA has been instrumental in supporting his pursuit of two Bachelor degrees in Law and Business.
“The PFA has supported me throughout each year of my studies; progressing and challenging yourself as a footballer but also as a person is essential”.