Professional Footballers Australia (the PFA) has partnered with CEED Online Physio Service to provide expert physiotherapy support to its overseas-based members and out of contract Australian players.

Administered by former A-League player and CEED co-founder Simon Storey, the service allows the PFA’s overseas-based players and off contract A-League members access to various physio support services.

CEED provides individual diagnosis and assessments, ongoing management, care and tracking support services, including daily communication, personalised rehabilitation plans and exit medicals.

Storey, the co-founder of CEED, said that the main objective of the partnership was to ensure players were able to return to playing as quickly as possible.

“The aim of CEED Online Physio is to provide an exceptional level of service – with thorough diagnosis, education, rehab guidance, advice, daily contact and adjustments to players program as and when required,” Storey said.

“We’re just really passionate about getting people back to what they love and cherish and enjoy doing most and that is the driving force behind what we do every day.

“Considering that playing is how footballers make their living, we want to be able to provide a service that helps them get back on the pitch as soon as possible.”

Beau Busch, PFA National Manager, Player Development, welcomed the partnership, which would extend the PFA’s physio support offering to non-national team overseas-based players for the first time.

“Our hope is that this partnership can help our players to be the best on and off the pitch. When they do suffer injuries, which unfortunately is the nature of their work, they are able to get the best quality support to get them back on the pitch as soon as possible.”

The PFA will cover 100 per cent of costs associated with initial assessments, up to three weeks of rehab support and exit medicals.