Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) is pleased to announce the extension of our major partnership with LUCRF Super.

Since 2009, LUCRF Super has been the PFA’s partner for its members’ superannuation needs, and has played a key role in providing superannuation education to Australian footballers and other player development initiatives.

PFA Player Relations Manager Simon Colosimo said he was delighted that LUCRF Super has remained as the PFA’s major partner.

“Professional football is a short-term and precarious career,” said Colosimo. “As a result, superannuation can become very complex and players’ earning capacities can suffer.

“We’re delighted to continue our longstanding partnership with LUCRF Super. It ensures that our members have access to expert advice, thus enabling them to maximise their superannuation earnings and make informed financial decisions throughout their careers.

On behalf of the players, PFA President Matt McKay expressed his appreciation that LUCRF Super will continue to provide Australian footballers with invaluable support.

“Over the past six years, LUCRF Super’s support has been significant,” McKay said. “Due to the global nature of football, players often find themselves transitioning between clubs, both domestically and internationally.”

“LUCRF Super’s expert advice has made it easier to navigate complex decisions and has ensured players are well-informed and, ultimately, well-positioned throughout their football careers and beyond,” he said.

LUCRF Super Chief Executive Charlie Donnelly said he was proud to continue this exciting partnership: “The PFA and LUCRF Super share a commitment to bettering the lives of members.

“We’re proud of our established relationship with the PFA and look forward to connecting our members and employers with the achievements of the PFA and this partnership,” Donnelly said.

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