Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) members to have access to international currency specialists after the PFA announces partnership with OFX.

Under the terms of the partnership OFX will provide PFA Members with a number of services and benefits, including:

>> zero transaction fees on payments over $250 AUD;

>> extremely competitive foreign exchange rates across 55 currencies;

>> online access 24/7;

>> access to a personal dealer by phone 24-hours a day, 5 days a week;

>> complete exchange rate transparency;

>> risk management tools;

>> exchange rate alerts via email or SMS; and

>> access to their highly regarded daily and weekly market updates.

With over 120 of Australia’s footballers based overseas and foreign players accounting for 20 per cent of the PFA’s A-League and W-League membership, PFA Chief Executive John Didulica said the partnership would provide an important resource for players.

“The partnership with OFX allows our members to access services that will greatly simplify the process of transferring funds and ensure they can maximise their earnings by not incurring high fees and charges that can result from international money transfers,” said Didulica.

“OFX’s services will also play a role in educating our members on the risks associated with playing in certain countries and the potential difficulties in moving their money internationally from those countries.”

As part of this agreement the PFA has secured “FEE FREE Transfers” for all members and the rates offered can save you thousands (or even tens of thousands – depending on volumes being transferred).

Regardless of the transfer size OFX can assist, why not register for FREE and benchmark the rates and service on offer with your incumbent bank. Register to OFX using the below link and mention PFA Australia, you will receive the FEE FREE transfers, for any amount above $250. (intermediary bank fees may apply).


About OFX

>> OFX group has over 300,000 active clients globally.

>> The group has transferred over AUD 100 billion since inception, and AUD 20 Billion in the last year alone.


The group gets approximately 65,000 website visits daily, and makes more than 3,250 client payments per day.

>> OFX are a global online specialist operating since 1998, the parent organisation (OFX Group) is publicly listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). OFX, NZForex, UKForex, USForex, Canadian Forex, Clear FX and Tranzfers are all part of the OFX Group.


The online registration process:

  1.         Register with OFX

REGISTER HERE  and OFX will call you to walk you through your first transfer.


  1.         Lock-in the exchange rate

Once your account has been activated, you simply log in to get your quote, set up the recipient details and lock-in the rate.


  1.         Send OFX your funds and we forward on the currency to your recipient

Once OFX have confirmed the deal, you will need to transfer the funds to them through their local payment options (so no fees). Register here and you will be contacted by an OFX accredited foreign exchange dealer – to help with your transfer.