Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) has today reaffirmed the players’ commitment to establishing a ‘whole of game’ collective bargaining agreement with Football Federation Australia (FFA) that will cover all Socceroos, A-League and Matildas players.

PFA President Matt McKay made the statement today having attended yesterday’s all-day bargaining session that failed to reach an agreement on the player payments model to carry the game forward.

“FFA’s insistence that the A-League salary cap be frozen for the next two seasons is a major sticking point in the negotiations, as is the need to solve the well documented concerns over the pay and conditions of Matildas players,” said McKay. “Furthermore, FFA has proposed substantial cuts to the pay of Socceroos.

“The players acknowledge that these are fundamental obstacles that have to be overcome if a new CBA is to be reached. Despite this, the players remain committed to continuing to pursue an agreement and at no stage have we abandoned the negotiations.

“At the heart of the negotiations is a simple requirement that the players receive a fair and equitable share of the revenue generated by the professional game, which must be contractually provided for in the new CBA.

“A contracted share of revenue enables the players to agree to the restraint of the salary cap whilst giving the game the resources and certainty it needs to invest and grow. It also unites all stakeholders to work together for the growth of Australian football.

“FFA’s insistence on freezing the cap and making cuts to the pay of the Socceroos comes at a time when the game is generating record revenue and follows four years of wage restraint. It will simply see player pay fall below what the game can afford which, in turn, will undermine the competitiveness of Australian football and the attractiveness of the A-League.

“The current proposal from FFA has been delivered as an ultimatum and as a result the players have instructed the PFA to defend our legal and industrial rights and have resolved to fully support the PFA in so doing.”


Beau Busch | Media and Communications Manager

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