Professional Footballers Australia (“PFA”) has been busy assisting players in Australia’s state leagues over the past year, representing several members in contractual disputes with their clubs.
The PFA filed a grievance on behalf of former South Melbourne player Adam Van Dommelle after he was not paid his superannuation and medical expenses in accordance with his contract.  Van Dommelle received an arbitration award in his favour as a result of a grievance run by the PFA.  The club subsequently refused to pay the sums owed and the PFA is now seeking to have Football Federation Australia (“FFA”) sanction the club under the FFA Grievance Resolution Regulations for failing to comply with the arbitrator’s ruling.
The PFA also filed grievances on behalf of former young Whittlesea Zebras players, James Sherman and Simon Lamanda, after they were not paid their wages in accordance with their contracts. Both players received arbitration awards in their favour after the PFA ran their grievances.  Sherman and Lamanda subsequently received from the club the amounts that the PFA claimed.
“The PFA provided me with first-class support and representation during a very difficult period of my life”, Sherman said.  “The PFA met with me, reviewed my contract, provided me with legal advice and then represented me at the hearing.  They have a true passion for players’ rights, which they demonstrated through their work ethic and will to ensure that I recovered everything that I was owed.”
The PFA also represented former A-League and Brisbane Strikers player Reece Tollenaere after he was terminated without just cause by his club (Strikers) with a year remaining on his contract. The PFA successfully negotiated a favourable settlement agreement for an undisclosed amount for the player.
The PFA is the exclusive representative body and collective bargaining agent for Australia’s professional footballers.  The PFA is currently working hard to improve the professionalism and playing conditions for Australian state league players.  All state league players are eligible to become PFA members.  Members receive many benefits including advice on their playing contract, assistance when in dispute with their club and access to all PFA communications and football industry expertise.
Any state league players interested in PFA membership should contact the PFA for further details.