Professional Footballers Australia (the PFA) has awarded five Scholarships to current members and alumni at its 2018 Induction and “Outduction” on Wednesday.

The event, proudly supported by PFA Major Partner LUCRF Super, was attended by 140 A-League, W-League and Y-League players and coincided with the PFA’s 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner.

Designed to equip Australia’s elite players with the necessary skills to excel on and off the pitch, the two-day event provided players access to educational workshops and introduced incoming players to the sport’s mission and values.

The event also provided the opportunity to acknowledge Chris NaumoffAmy ChapmanRobbie GasparChad Gibson and Amy Harrison as 2018 PFA Scholarship recipients.

The Scholarships highlight and celebrate the legacy created by two champions of the PFA, Craig Foster and Co-Founder and Kimon Taliadoros, and recognise the achievements of the current generation of PFA members.

The quintet was presented their scholarships in front of their peers on the second of a two-day event.

For the first time, the two-day workshop included a specific ‘Outduction’ component, with critical information and insights provided to players approaching, or transitioning, into post-career employment.

Three-time Paralympic Gold Medallist Kurt Fearnley headlined a diverse range of speakers, who collectively covered topics including resilience, leadership, athlete brand, Australian football history, financial literacy and wellbeing.

PFA President Alex Wilkinson said that the event was an important component of professional player’s careers and was encouraged by the increased participation at the event in its second year;

“The PFA does a vast amount a work with our players throughout the year, but this event is particularly vital for young players commencing their career. It not only gives them an idea of what the PFA is about, what we stand for and what our values are, but it also gives them an insight into what the PFA can assist them with, now and in the future.

“Conversely, for the guys who are at the point of transitioning into life after football, we’ve introduced a tailored program to clearly demonstrate what the PFA can help with once they’ve finished their playing career.

Importantly, this gives them the chance to establish support networks that are readily available to assist with a challenging transition.”

PFA Executive Member and W-League player Kim Caroll said the two-day workshop provided immense value to all in attendance;

“I think it’s really important to have this support to not only plan your current career, but to equip players in the next stage of your career, of your life. For the new players it’s really important for them to understand what services and support the PFA provides.

“Having all the players together alongside the PFA staff gives us a really comfortable environment where we can raise, discuss and work together to resolve difficult issues that impact players, to help equip players with the tools to be successful on and off the field and to acknowledge the role of the PFA in helping deliver the best career experience for players.”

PFA Scholarship Awards Summary

Kimon Taliadoros Scholarship

Recognising the outstanding leadership of PFA co-founder and Champion Kimon Taliadoros, the scholarship is awarded to a PFA member who has demonstrated exceptional leadership within or outside the sport and embodied the five values of the PFA.

Amy Chapman
Recently appointed to a Football Queensland advisory committee, Amy is also a PFA delegate and was instrumental in the W-League CBA. Robbie Gaspar

Instrumental throughout Asia through his work with FIFPro Asia, Robbie was also recently recognised in the Australia Indonesia Awards for his work in fostering closer relationships between the two countries. Robbie is also a Life Member of the PFA.

Craig Foster Scholarship

Awarded to a PFA member who has championed and served the interests of the sport and the players with distinction through their work in the Australian football industry and embodied the five values of the PFA.

Chad Gibson

A former A-League and NSL player, Chad is the creator and director and Local FC. Through Local FC, Chad expertly tells the story of the sport and our members and consistently embodies the values we seek to embed in the entire sport.

Amy Harrison

A current Matilda and W-League player, Amy has worked throughout 2017/18 for both Fox Sports and Optus throughout the World Cup, where she has added expert insight and analysis. She has also undertaken a work placement through the PFA.

Coaching Scholarship

Aimed at ensuring PFA members have access to world class development opportunities, the PFA Football Scholarship is awarded to a PFA Member that has demonstrated a profound commitment in pursuit of coaching excellence.

Chris Naumoff
Following his forced retirement due to a heart condition, Chris has set about undertaking his coaching qualifications and recently completed his B-Licence. In addition, Chris has established his own coaching academy and has worked with Sydney based NPL clubs as a coach and technical director. Chris has also undertaken a PFA Beyond the 90-work placement at the FFA Centre of Excellence with Tony Vidmar.