Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) has continued its work to support and protect the contract entitlements and careers of the players of Gold Coast United.

Following the decision of FFA to revoke the licence of Clive Palmer and assume the control of the club directly, the PFA has been assisting the players of Gold Coast United in ensuring that their contracts will be honoured by FFA and their issues off the field addressed.

Brendan Schwab, Chief Executive of the PFA, spent two days with Gold Coast United dealing with the players and their concerns in the light of the revocation of the licence. These discussions have enabled the FFA to maintain the integrity of the competition by ensuring that Gold Coast United has continued to play. Since the players reached that decision they have performed credibly on the pitch including last weekend’s draw with Newcastle Jets.

The integrity of the A-League was one of the key elements the PFA wanted to see pursued in its response to the revocation of the licence held by Clive Palmer. Other key issues have also been addressed by FFA, including that current players of Gold Coast United have their contracts honoured and that the treatment and rehabilitation of injured players be proactively managed.

PFA Player Relations & Development Executive Nathan Meade has also travelled to the Gold Coast to meet with the players and assist with transitional issues.  Glenn Warry, the coordinator of the FFA/PFA My Football Career Program, is also meeting with the players to ensure active plans are in place for the careers in and out of the game.

While these actions have enabled the current players at Gold Coast United to play out the remainder of this season with the confidence that their rights have been protected, the PFA is continuing its legal actions on behalf of former Gold Coast United players Robson and Peter Perchtold.