The PFA Executive this week approved the latest round of applications for the PFA Education Grant, with the number of players undertaking PFA supported study quadrupling since the first round in October 2006.

Players have demonstrated a broad range of interests, undertaking study in the areas of commerce, fitness, coaching, management, building and education.  Victory ‘keeper Eugene Galekovic (pictured) is presently completing building studies.

2006 statistics show that less than 5% of A-League players had committed to furthering their education past year 12. This is alarming considering the short and precarious nature of a professional footballer’s career, on average lasting less than 40 games. The objective of the PFA Education Grant scheme is to support as many footballers as possible, with the aim of raising the number of A-League players engaging in formal study to 50% by 2010.  Over 10% of A-League players are now undertaking and successfully completing studies, greatly encouraged by the establishment of the PFA Education Fund.

Planning and developing a second career during a player’s career is critical for a successful transition into life after football, and with flexible courses on offer, formal education is a great way to compliment a football career