Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) is pleased to announce the establishment of the PFA W-League Player of the Month Award.

PFA Chief Executive Adam Vivian announced the award today, which is aimed at celebrating and recognising the on-field exploits of W-League players.

Proudly supported by PFA Major Partner LUCRF Super, the voting will take the same format as the A-League Player of the Month Award.

An awards committee, made up of former Matildas and leading figures in the football media, will chose a list of nominees each month for the award, with all W-League players to then vote in a 3-2-1 basis to determine the winner.

Vivian said it was hoped that the award would become one of the most prestigious in the W-League and would highlight the incredible standard of play on the pitch.

“The women’s game has never been at a higher level in Australia as shown by the Matildas performances at the World Cup,” said Vivian.

“It is our hope that this award will become one of the most prestigious and sought after, and will also highlight the outstanding talent playing in the W-League.

“I would also like to thank PFA Major Partner LUCRF Super for their continued support, without them awards such as these would not possible.”

PFA Executive Member and the Matildas all-time leading scorer Kathryn Gill said the award would be hugely significant for the players.

“Recognition from your peers is the highest honour you can receive as a player,” said Gill.

“Your fellow players know just how much work goes into being successful on the pitch and the sacrifices our female players have to make to play at the highest level.

“Finally I would like to wish all W-League players the very best for the season, which I’m sure will be the best yet.”


The PFA W-League Player of the Month Awards Committee

  • Sarah Walsh, Matildas legend
  • Joey Peters, Matildas legend
  • Ann Odong, The Women’s Game
  • Stephanie Brantz, leading Sports Presenter