The PFA Executive Committee Pays tribute to Mark Breciano following the Socceroos legend’s decision to retire from International Football.

Matt McKay, PFA President

My time in the National Team with Bresc was only a brief part of his Socceroos career but having watched the whole journey it has been an unbelievable career. Whilst his technique and cracking goals are obvious, what really stands out for me is the person he is. He doesn’t want to be in the limelight, and he is all about his fellow players and is always there when you need him. He has earned a huge amount of respect from all players and will long be remembered as a true great of Australian football.

Adam Vivian, PFA Chief Executive

Few have had the same impact on the game in this country. The goals and his technique have ensured Mark’s place as a true great of Australian football but what really stands out is his character. Mark has always put the collective interests of the players and the game above his own throughout his playing career and departs the Socceroos having left a lasting legacy.

Ante Covic, PFA Vice President

Bresc will rightly be remembered as a legend of Australian football. His contribution to football in this country has been immense and we all owe him a great deal. The goal he scored against Uruguay will always stand out but he was someone the Socceroos could always rely on no matter how difficult the situation was.

Kathryn Gill, PFA Executive

I would like to congratulate Mark on an outstanding career for the Socceroos, his technique and poise was a joy to watch and he will long be remembered a one of the best Socceroos of all time. Mark symbolised a golden period for Australian football and he departs the Socceroos leaving the National Team in far better shape then when he first debuted.

Mile Jedinak, PFA Executive

In my time he has had a huge influence, he is not the most vocal but due to his actions when he does speak he has everyones attention and respect. He is someone who is looked up to by all the players due his performances and his character. He is a top person and just gets on with what ever is asked of him. He has played a the top level for a long-time and that is no coincidence and his list of achievements for the National Team shows just how special a player he is.

Bruce Djite, PFA Executive

He is a class player and was key part of many of Australian football’s biggest moments. On and off the field he is pure class. He is one of the greatest and it will be hard to replace him as not many others, if any, have given that same sort of contribution. What a way to cap it off for him winning Asian Cup and that was a fitting reward for everything he has given to the National team and Australian football.

Alex Wilkinson, PFA Executive

A true legend of the Socceroos and I count myself lucky to have both played alongside him and gotten to know him. A role model both on and off the pitch and a leader who inspires others with his actions more than his words. His goal in 2005 against Uruguay will go down as one of the most important goals in Socceroos history. His presence will be sorely missed at international level but I congratulate him on the amazing things he has achieved in the green and gold and wish him well for the future.

Adrian Leijer. PFA Executive

He has had a remarkable Socceroos career. His technique made him a joy to watch for the Socceroos and he will be sorely missed. The Asian Cup triumph is a fitting way for him to end on and he leaves the National Team in a far better state than he found it.

Mark Milligan, PFA Executive

To have been able to have call him a teammates for so long in the National Team is truly an honour. There have been few players able to continue to play at the very highest level like Bresc for such a long time and that is a real credit to his professionalism. He will be missed greatly by the Socceroos.

Jon McKain, PFA Executive

One of the best to have played for the Socceroos. Bresc’s technique and tactical understanding of the game is truly world class. He has never been someone that chased the spotlight, his focus was always on football and his teammates. He leaves behind a hugely important legacy at the very heart of the game.

Shane Stefanutto, PFA Executive

His Socceroos career has been sensational by anyone’s standards. His goal against Uruguay to send us through the 2006 World Cup is an iconic moment and no one will ever forget his celebration. Whilst he will be remembered as one of the country’s greatest ever players, the players will long remember him as a player that was truly committed to the game and to his fellow professionals.