A UEFA Champions League Winner, FA Cup Winner, 60 Socceroos caps, two World Cup appearances, three times Oceania Player of the Year and many other honours – in every sense of the word Harry Kewell is a legend. Following his announcement that he intends the retire PFA Executive Members pay their tribute.

Simon Colosimo, PFA President

“He will deservedly be remembered as one of Australia’s finest footballers. He was a world class player in every sense, one that was capable of making the difference even at the highest level. His contribution on and off the field, where he served for six years as a PFA Executive Member, has been huge. He leaves the game as true legend of the sport.”

Ante Covic, PFA Vice President

“Harry will go down as a legend and remembered as one of, if not the finest player Australia has produced. He is a true pro, the strength he showed to overcome injuries and play at the top was remarkable. The talent that he had and his desire made him one the world’s best players. It was a honour to call him a teammate.”

Bruce Djite, PFA Executive Member

“He is the best player Australia has ever had. For me he was like a brother off the field and a hero on it. I don’t know a kid in Australia who did not look up to him. He was joy to watch and was an inspiration to so many young Australian footballers who grew up dreaming of emulating his success.”

Matt McKay, PFA Executive Member

“He has been extraordinary for Australia and all the clubs he has played at. You dream of playing with someone like Harry and it was surreal to play alongside him. I remember a training session with Harry and I was on his team, he tore the other team apart all by himself. It was one of the highlights of my career calling him a teammate.”

Jon McKain, PFA Executive Member

“Harry will be remembered as a legend. He is the best player I have ever played with. He is so competitive at everything even at cards, he hates to lose, he is a winner through and through. Like probably all Australian footballers he was my idol.”

John Poulakakis, PFA Chairman

“Harry Kewell’s achievements as a player speak for themselves and they are outstanding by any measure. It is what every player dreams of but what shouldn’t be lost is the influence he he has had on a generation of Australian players who have been inspired by watching him play. Harry will leave a wonderful and profound legacy at the very heart of the game.”

Adam Vivian, PFA General Manager

“Harry will rightly be remembered as one of the finest players this country has produced. Whilst his contribution to Australian football was immense it was equally so off the field. In his six years as a PFA Executive Member his commitment to his fellow professional and to the progress of the game was consistently demonstrated. Harry leaves the game in a far better state than he entered it, and his legacy both on and off the pitch will be a lasting one.”