Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) announces a partnership with the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) as it continues to grow its player development and wellbeing programs.

As a  leading provider of nationally-accredited business and management programs and training, AIM will ensure PFA members have access to a range of outstanding educational resources and practical training.

Under the terms of the partnership current PFA members will receive access to the benefits of  AIM Corporate Memberships, including membership, courses, qualifications and events at a significant discount.
PFA Chief Executive Adam Vivian said the partnership was another important step in ensuring the wellbeing and development  of players on and off the pitch.

“If our players are to succeed off the pitch, as they have on it, it is vital that all PFA player development and wellbeing programs are of the highest quality and the services offered by AIM are certainly of this class,” Vivian said.

“Throughout their 70 plus years experience they have shown themselves to be a leader in the education space and the PFA is confident that they will have a major impact on the lives of our members.”

National Manager Player Development Ben Robertson said the variety of course options and events offered by AIM would allow the PFA to meet the needs of its diverse membership.

“The players have shown a real passion in developing their careers away from football and we have already seen a number of members enjoy significant success off the pitch,” said Robertson. If this is to continue and grow it is vital that they have access to ‘world class’ resources such as those offered by AIM.

“In being a national provider AIM are equipped to liaise and work closely with PFA Player Development Managers in each A-League club and ensure the best possible outcome for players.”

With AIM also set to provide a Diploma of Management for one player AIM Executive General Manager Tony Gleeson believes this exciting new partnership will be a lasting one.

“We’re pleased to be assisting members of the PFA with their personal and professional development. We hope to encourage and foster the ambition, passion and excellence that they display on field and channel it into their lives off field. We’re thrilled to be partnering with the players to invest in their education so that they can live a fulfilling life beyond their sporting careers,”Gleeson said.