Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) has today launched its Kick Out Skin Cancer Campaign by announcing a partnership with leading melanoma detection organisation MoleMap Australia.

At the cutting edge of melanoma detection globally, the partnership with MoleMap Australia will see all of the PFA’s A-League and W-League based members undergo skin cancer checks every season.

PFA Chief Executive John Didulica  said the partnership was an important element in the PFA’s attempts to ensure the wellbeing of players during their career and beyond.

“We have all been hugely saddened by the tragic news that National Soccer League Champion David Cervinski is suffering from stage four melanoma,” said Didulica. Issues such as this emerging so long after a player’s career has finished highlights the importance wellbeing initiatives, such as skin cancer checks being a regular part of life for our members and all Australians.

“Ensuring football is as safe as possible is an important part of developing the sport and this partnership will assist with this aim.

“More broadly the Kick Out Skin Cancer Campaign is about providing our members with a platform to encourage Australians to take a proactive approach to their health and undertake regular skin cancer checks.”

Having been appointed as an ambassador to the PFA’s Kick Out Skin Cancer Campaign Cervinski said he had been overwhelmed by the support he had received from the football community.

“Finding out that you have stage four melanoma and that the worst case scenario is you have six months to live just shatters you,” said Cervinski. “You look back and you think what could I have done to change it?

“Twenty five years ago you used to run around with no top on and that is where it has come from. Now if I could go back and I’d be wearing long sleeve tops and hats and glasses.

“I was amazed to watch this fund grow , I’m not about people giving me money or handouts. To watch it grow and the biggest thing was the names of people who were making donations, it broke me and brought tears to my ears.”

MoleMap Chief Executive Andrew Maslin said: “Australia has some if the highest rates of melanoma in the world. With an active, outdoor lifestyle huge numbers of Australians are exposed to the high levels of UV radiation that cause melanoma.

Protection using sunscreen and protective clothing along with regular skin checks helps individuals to stay safe while enjoying the Australian lifeslyle.

MoleMap is committed to the early detection of melanoma because the sooner melanoma is found the earlier it can be treated and early intervention offers the best chance of a cure.

Through this partnership with the PFA, we hope to raise interest in getting checked and in the process save lives.”

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PH: 1800 665 362


Beau Busch | PFA Player Relations and Communications Executive

PH: +61 (0) 432 763 485