Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) has today released the following statement on behalf of Brisbane Roar member Michael Theo.

As a result of an incident that occurred during the closing stages of the Roar’s away match against Adelaide United, the Match Review Panel issued Theo with the minimum sanction of two matches.

“There was absolutely no intention on my behalf to injure Dylan,” said Theo. “Over the course of my career I believe I have shown that I would never purposefully set out to inflict harm on a fellow professional.

“I in no way blame Dylan for my suspension and would like to thank him for his honesty.

“My sole intention, and natural reaction, was to free my arms from being held back, so I could get the ball forward as quickly possible to try and win the match. Unfortunately contact was made as a result, which was completely unintentional.

“The decision was reached not to appeal my two match sanction after the club’s attempts to have the charge downgraded proved unsuccessful.

“I would like to thank the Brisbane Roar  and the PFA for their support.”