Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) can today confirm that a decision has been reached by the independent arbitrator regarding the termination of Luke Brattan’s Standard Player Contract (SPC) with the Brisbane Roar.

The ruling by the arbitrator has confirmed the legality of Brattan’s termination of his SPC, and as a result, he is now entitled to sign with the club of his choice.

The club was put on notice on 21 July 2015 regarding a breach of the SPC, which involved the failure of the Roar to make the required superannuation contributions on his behalf for in excess of one year.

In accordance with the SPC, the club was given 14 days to make the outstanding contributions, however they failed to do so.

“The decision by the arbitrator highlights the consequences that clubs face when they fail to honour their financial obligations to players,” said PFA Chief Executive Adam Vivian.

“The club has repeatedly breached the SPC by its longstanding failure to pay superannuation.”

“The non-payment of superannuation by A-League clubs must be addressed to ensure the good governance of the competition.

“The PFA expects that any further breaches by clubs will be dealt with by Football Federation Australia and that any failure by clubs to respect players’ entitlements should be treated in the same manner as a breach of the salary cap.

“The club’s conduct highlights why the PFA must act to protect the rights of the players in the absence of a collective bargaining agreement.”



Beau Busch | Media and Communications Manager

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