One of the exciting new features of the PFA’s new website, is the members only on-line discussion board, which, as the name suggests, is only accessible to PFA members.

The discussion board was developed after it became apparent at annual PFA Players Conferences, that aside from chatting about current team form, our members enjoy talking with their peers about issues relating to their career as a professional athlete on and off the field.

So, while it is not face to face I am sure those who are familiar with the various on line options to stay in touch will not be put off!

The use of the discussion board is simple, once you have logged on you would either click on an existing topic to add a comment about that topic or click on “add new topic” to create another one.

Please contact Shannon at the PFA ( or 0408 132 790) for a personalised log in and password. You can then enter a comment or topic for feedback and discussion with other PFA members.